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We have been photographing people, places, and things since 1960. We have been all digital since 1998, and we prefer it. The results are even better than film for almost everything we do, and make really good prints up to 20x30 inches. Digital makes it easier to give you the results that you want. Let us show you.

We like available light candids because they have feeling, but if you want a “Really Big Deal Hollywood Style Location Photoshoot “ with lights and backgrounds, we like that too. Its just different. Either way, We’ll make it easy for you. if you can’t find what you want, call us, and ask. When we do the photography, all the usage rights are included. No additional fees. They are your photographs, and your rights. We keep only the rights to use them as samples of our work. You get the digital images, either downloaded, or on a DVD. We have been doing digital photography for eight years and, we want to  provide digital photographic solutions  for you. Check the introductory prices below.

Limited Time Introductory offer


Studio Sessions  2 hours    $100

On Location        2 Hours    $100

Both                   4 hours     $150

Concerts             2 hours    $200

Ask about two sided  full color biz cards or photo postcards, and posters.

Design and produce 500 cards is about $75,
Design and produce 500 postcards 4x6 is about $80

Unit cost goes down with more cards or repeat orders. 
Add shipping if you do  not want to pick them up.

Posters also available, both printed and PDF.


Card Front






Card Back


dc new front
dc new back

Design Posters about $50 including PDF.
500 hard copies are about $360 Additional. Add shipping if you do  not want to pick them up.

Dan got the poster (set of 5 posters) as a PDF file, which his venues can download and print themselves.

Please Note:

At this reduced quality and size, about 30%, 
the smaller type breaks up on the screen,
but not on the actual 11x17 poster.

Dan 11x17 Poster
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